So.. in order to use MopaBootstrapBundle (in the correct way), I need to use Less.. In in order to use less, you need node and npm,.. NPM of course is installed through the (please fill all the  chambers with bullets) russian roulette way of:

curl | sh

Obviously, you cannot continue on doing actually installing of less, because we need node.js too. Which means I needed to upgrade my debian system to begin with, which means I needed to do all kind of magic to get my mysql 5.5 running (yes, it was still running 5.1). So, after apt-get dist-upgrade, fiddling around for WAY too long, i finally are at a point i could install nodejs.

apt-get install nodejs

Yeah, that doesn’t work on wheezy. Because,.. well.. it’s not in wheezy.. so a manual compile it is.  wget / checkinstall / allothercompilationcrap you need to do…  finally, a .deb file..  dpkg -i, and we’re off..

I already forgot what we were doing.. Ah yeah.. something with mopabootstrapbundle…

npm install less -g

Hurrah.. more crap that is being downloaded! Finally.. some less somewhere.. wrong directories,.. but still.. it’s there..

anyway.. back to mopa..  running a composer require.. yes.. the Nth package manager..  I need a package-manager to install package managers…

Some fiddling around with some settings.. et voila.. mopabootstrap running with LESS..  which i *STILL* don’t really get.. because well, i’m no frontender, and I rather jump off a cliff than becoming one. This endeavour only proved my point:  just install your bootstrap into /web/css, and hardcode your links in your base.html.twig..

PHP Phragmentation

Until a few years ago, The Netherlands (wrongly called Holland) had only one single usergroup : PHPGG. After a few years  a decision made to merge this Dutch group and the Belgium version of it into a single usergroup: PHPBenelux. Made sense: The Netherlands and Belgium aren’t that big and there are cities in the world that have a larger population than our two countries combined (and they are probably bigger too!). With their powers combined, there is much more they could realize. Think of it like being the MegaZord of PHPGroups. Perfect! Nice meetups every month in a city alternating between Belgium and The Netherlands, high quality speakers (don’t mind if i say so myself), great PHPBenelux conference every winter, and enough attendees on each meetup.

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